TOIVON originates from the Finnish language,


It means “I hope”!


In that retrospect, we hope that we can work as one.


We are a new-born software studio,


We specialize and pay close attention in mobile internet industry,


We hope to share our growth with you!


We have just developed our third game,


And have given it the name “Kingdom of Pirates”,


We hope you like this game!


Dreaming of running a shop of your own?


Purchase decorations, stock your shelves, and poach the employees of your competitors in this super fun business-simulation game!

You start the game by inheriting a small and shabby shop that was abandoned by its previous owner. All that remains is a rusty old robot. BUT WAIT! This robot can unlock hidden business secrets! Reconfigure him, work with him, and follow his advice. Soon you will have a STUNNING, POLISHED shop and master the game!


Design the shop of your dreams with just the move of a finger!


--EASY to play!

--DECORATE your shop with exquisite displays!

--Sell novel commodities with many REAL-WORLD apps available

--INTERACTIVE! Visit the Shops of other players! Play with friends and family!

--William the robot will guide you through the game! Upgrade him to uncover hidden business secrets!

--High quality graphics!

--Fun and appropriate for players of all ages!


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